Affiliate Marketing Made Things Conveniently

Affiliate marketing is a popular model to generate traffic to any website, and the company rewards publishers for developing that traffic. It is one of the best ways to monetize blogs and social media platforms. The Affiliates get paid for CPA or CPL as per the agreement set by the company. 

For all advertisers, it is the best way to get high-quality leads to become their customers. Our team is highly experienced in targeting quality leads for quick conversion, and there is no need to waste time on ill-matched campaigns. 

Our innovative and top-notch technology ensures in-depth analysis with utmost precision to go with long-term partnerships.


The publishers or affiliates own affiliate platforms such as blogs, social media, and niche websites. They can collaborate with such companies by providing them with referral links by partaking in promotional campaigns. Our advanced tools make it easy to track the performance for increasing conversion. Here at Preto Media, the platforms collaborate with affiliates with some brands to bring them on top.



The advertisers are the businesses that offer products and services to increase their sales by reaching larger audiences. They will partner up with the affiliates that have already targeted the desired markets and pay them as per their performance. With cutting-edge technology, our advertisers will get high quality traffic form different GEOs, increase revenues, and network with the best affiliates.

The Power of Network

Preto Media has an affiliate network where advertisers and top publishers can meet to deliver highly converting projects by analyzing the target markets. We work with all the professionals and market leaders so that you can reach desired results every time. Rather than struggling with delayed payments and lackluster conversion rates, Preto Media made every task simple with guaranteed results.


Our Success Parameters


Sign Up

To Sign Up on our platform, you need to provide us with your details, such as your name, email, and some brief information about your platform.


Process your Request

Once we have your information, we will pass the information to our Affiliate managers, who will review everything about you and contact you if you are a good match.


Integration with the system

Once we have the signed contract, we will integrate it into our system and provide you with the unique code to access the CRM account and watch the performance.

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