Affiliate Marketing Publishers

Affiliate Marketing Publishers are the owner of affiliate marketing platforms that already exist. These platforms can be in many forms, including blogs, websites, social media, or influencers with YouTube channels. 

So, the publishers can monetize their platform by partnering with advertisers while collaborating on promotional events.

Who are our Affiliates

Our affiliates are publishers aiming to monetize traffic by advertising the products and services to reach a wider audience. 

To ensure that all the affiliates are verified and nurtured, all our employees are trained to help the affiliates reach their goals, identify the challenges, analyze opportunities, and choose the best payment programs. 

The team works while following all the important measures with the partner team to analyze that all the goals can be met on the side of the partnerships.


The power of Preto Media

At Preto Media, we use cutting-edge technologies to meet the art of media, marketing, and broker partnerships. 

Our systems have the motive to make ideal matches between affiliates and advertisers to reach the goals of each side. We are leading in this industry because we have countless data and analyze them in real-time to find all the precise community areas. 

Udis the practical system, our team dispenses unique solutions for each party to create strong and profitable business partnerships. Advertisers can also benefit from high-tech systems with dashboards where they can track their business coefficients and performance indicators. 

We have designed a seamless platform that transfers the information between advertisers and affiliates for an easy data flow and optimizes the need to keep conversion rates high.

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