Affiliate Marketing Services

Our skills derive your success


Dedicated Affiliate Manager

We have dedicated affiliate managers who know each of their affiliates personally. By following this strategy, they find the perfect pair of traffic to the right advertisers. Furthermore, they monitor the performance to recognize the issues that may arise anytime.

Affiliate Network

Preto Media follows the boutique approach by uniting top-tier finance-related publishers with all other advertisers. Our Affiliate Network is quite popular because of being lucrative for both parties, facilitated by the affiliate managers.


Affiliate Marketplace

Preto Media can deliver affiliate marketing services by providing an inclusive portfolio to integrate seamlessly with every publisher. You can consult us if you have to promote many things and need more time to execute them; we follow different tactics to amend them.

Media Buying

All the advertisers who want to execute their plans while managing their budget can consult us, and Preto Media will find the best strategy and implement result-oriented strategies.



Sometimes, highly lucrative opportunities lie at our place, but we need to think to look. So, Preto Media helps by assigning a dedicated team to connect all the dots and maximize all the profits. So there’s always more chance to dive into the opportunities and bring out the best results.

Campaign Building

Our Campaign building team specializes in optimizing campaigns using a smart budget system. We analyze, create funnels, and build strategies to give interactive results without charging a single penny extra.


Email Affiliate Marketing

To increase customer acquisition, monetization, and lead generation, email marketing can be the perfect tool. Preot Media runs highly effective email campaigns to increase conversion.

So, join Preto Media Affiliate Network and
enjoy numerous benefits.