Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I join Preto Media?

You need to fill out the content form if you are an advertiser. If you are a publisher, you need to fill out the application form, and we will review it with our team. If you are a perfect choice, our representative will connect you ASAP.

What would happen if I got approved?

If you are approved, our affiliate manager will contact you. First, you have to decide the characteristics of your advertiser, like preferred source and type, which is essential to discuss.

What makes your setup different from the competition?

We are working on a CPA-based setup, which makes it convenient for advertisers and publishers to find the perfect match. It brings us results all the time with higher conversion rates as compared to our competitors.

What is the difference between an advertiser and a publisher?

An advertiser is a person who looks to get traffic from people who are interested in buying their services. In contrast, a publisher is a person or a company looking to sell their traffic to make a profit.

What if I encounter any issues?

If you are our approved publisher, you can contact the affiliate manager for any concerns you have. 

Which verticals are you working with?

Currently, we are working with gaming, casino, and financial-related verticals.

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