Why are we the best

Affiliate Marketing Network?

Preto Media ensures that all affiliates and advertisers settle with profitability by doing the necessary vetting pre-partnership. 

Our whole team is meticulous in their research before meeting with advertisers and publishers so that everything can be done systematically. Therefore, there should not be a waste of time in ill-matched campaigns.

Our long-term partnership allows us to go with a depth analysis to achieve long-term goals with the utmost precision, which allows a long-term collaboration to be born.

Who we are

Preto Media is the leading affiliate marketing network specializing in competitive verticals such as finance and investments. 

At Preto Media, we create tailored and customized business solutions so that partnerships can run longer. In addition, the professionals run our Elite network, as they have the best strategies to run successful campaigns. 

Our vetting process is quite different and challenging simultaneously, but the results are guaranteed, and the long-term partnership sends both EPCs and trading volumes.


What we do

We are not just broker who runs affiliate programs, but we also take care so that the partnerships can run for a long time while adding real value to the users for converting loyal leads into clients. 

Out boutique approach curated to pre-onboarding consultations to determine whether every single affiliate can be a good fit for the network. 

Once we have done with approval, we will identify the goals, opportunities, and challenges to match the unique traffic profile of every affiliate with the perfect business partner.

Who are our Partners

Our advertisers are partners always interested in relevant traffic niches to increase sales. 

To ensure that all of our partners are introduced to leading affiliates, Preto Media employs a dedicated team of experts to help advertisers set their goals, structure payout programs and security, and provide all the fellows with the converting marketing material.

 Here our team works closely with the affiliate’s team to ensure that the perfect match is made and the partnership goals are met on both sides.


Our Success Parameters


Average EPC


Happy partners worldwide


CR in average

* According to specific sources & GEOs

So, join Preto Media Affiliate Network
and enjoy numerous benefits.